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Ambulance Service

The Windom Ambulance Service was started in 1975. Our Service is licensed as a Basic Life Support Service and is also licensed as a Specialized Life Support Advanced Service by the Minnesota Regulatory Board.

Ambulance Units

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The Windom Ambulance Service has 20 Basic certified EMT’s. Dr. Jeffery Taber is our Medical Director. We have 3 licensed ambulances, 2 of which are equipped with air-ride suspensions for a smoother ride and the other is four wheel drive. We are required by the State of MN to have 2 EMT’s on call 24 hours a day. We respond to around 600 calls per year traveling about 50,000 miles annually. Our service area covers approximately 200 square miles.

Director Tim Hacker

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Our Squad holds meetings on the last Thursday of each month. The monthly meetings consist of business items followed by training time. We also cross- train with the Windom Fire Dept. as needed. Windom Ambulance Service works closely with the Cottonwood County Sheriff Dept., Windom Police Dept, Windom Fire Dept. and Cottonwood County Emergency Management. Our Service has mutual aid agreements with ambulance services in Mt. Lake, Jeffers, Westbrook, Jackson, Heron Lake and Lakefield.

Tim Hacker, Ambulance Director

Windom Police Department
Cottonwood Law Enforcement Center
902 5th Avenue
Windom, MN 56101

Phone: 507-831-6134

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