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About Windom: Overview & History


Windom functions as county seat and a transportation hub for the region. The City has a diverse economy including agriculture, manufacturing, medical care and adult care facilities. Along with a number of successful retail businesses, there are a growing number of national and international industries. Windom and its surrounding area have long been safe, desirable communities, featuring excellent public services, schools, clubs, activities and events, many parks, lakes and golf courses.


The village of Windom was platted in 1871 by A.L. Beach, division engineer of the Sioux City and St. Paul Railroad. Plats for all towns up and down the railroad right-of-way were laid out the same as Windom, with a center square and businesses around it. But Windom was the only village that followed the plan.

The city was named in honor of a prominent statesman, the Honorable William Windom, who was a senator at the time. In all, he served the nation 33 years– as a representative (1859-1869), senator (13 years, not consecutive) and the Secretary of Treasury under President Garfield, and again, under President Harrison.