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Electric: Windom Municipal Utilities

Department Contact: Brent Brown

Phone: 507.831.6151


NWIP Electric: South Central Electric Association

Contact: Mark Anderson

Phone: 507-375-3164


Telecommunications (Internet, Telephone and Television): Windomnet

Department Contact: Jeff Dahna

Phone: 507.832.8000 (Technical Assistance)

Phone: 507.831.6129 (Customer Service)

Windomnet is a state of the art fiber to the premises telecommunications system.

Water: Windom Water/Wastewater Department

Department Contact: Mike “Dodge” Haugen

Phone: 507.831.6138


Water Source: 7 Wells

Storage Capacity: 1,500,000 gallons

Pumping Capacity:  2,000 gal/minute

Average Demand: 1,000,000 gal/day

Peak Demand: 2,800,000 gal/day

Total Water Hardness:  427 ppm

Natural Gas

Gas service: Minnesota Energy Resources

Phone (Customer Service): 800.889.9509

GOPHER STATE ONE CALL (Call Before You Dig): 800.252.1166

Wastewater: Windom Water/Wastewater Department

Department Contact:  Mike “Dodge” Haugen

Phone:  507.831.6138


Treatment Type: Extended Aeration – Activated Sludge

Average Wet Weather Flow:  1,800,000 gal/day

Average Demand: 1,300,000 gal/day

Peak Dry Weather Flow:  2.9 million gal/day