Family Heritage – Supplemental Insurance Plans

Passing along information from a insurance representative.  These plans are voluntary and not associated with the City benefit offerings.  Please contact the representative directly if you are interested in this insurance.

Cancer, heart disease and other serious accidents and illnesses are things we do not think about until they are upon us. 

The supplemental plans we offer are designed to eliminate the financial stress and strain associated with battling a serious illness and recovering from injuries.  We often do not anticipate the costs such as lost income, travel and lodging expenses, deductibles and co-payments (which are all in addition to regular living expenses) until it is too late.  

Our plans:
1) pay in addition to any other insurance,
2) pay benefits directly to the claimant,
3) refund 100% of unused premiums, and
4) are offered at no cost to your city.

Please check us out at and do not hesitate to call when you have a question. I sincerely look forward to the opportunity to serve you and your people and build some great working relationships along the way.

Yours to count on,

Gabrielle Cohrs

Licensed Agent 

Family Heritage Insurance Company




November 2019 Healthier Living Newsletter


Healthier Living November 2019_SWWC

Email Comments/Questions to: or ask a Wellness Committee member.

Committee: Cheryl Lillegaard, Dawn Aamot, Nancy Sajban, Dana Wallace, Drew Hage, Chelsie Carlson


2019 Wellness – Live Webinars and Recorded Training

CONVENE ONLINE TRAINING – AVAILABLE TO ALL – Visit website to checkout 2020 Live Webinar line-up

Register for next Live Webinar :

Sign up here for the November 21st webinar 
Ethical Intelligence:
Untangle Your Toughest Problems at Work and Beyond

Watch Recorded Webinars :

NOTE: Select City of Windom, MN as organization  to register for the Webinars in order to get credit

Wellness Incentive: Earn participation credit for wellness incentive by attending live webinar or watching a recorded webinar on a topic of your choice.  Turn confirmation into Chelsie at

Email Comments/Questions to: or ask a Wellness Committee member.

Committee: Cheryl Lillegaard, Dawn Aamot, Nancy Sajban, Dana Wallace, Drew Hage, Chelsie Carlson

2020 BCBS Insurance – HSA and Flex Spending Contribution Forms

Open Enrollment is now open for anyone who would like to make changes to their insurance coverage effective January 1, 2020.

Changes will not be made to the plan unless an employee completes the attached forms and indicates a change in enrollment.  The HSA Election form should be completed if enrolling or in enrolled in an HSA-Health Savings Account and if they would like to make additional or changes to contributions made to their HSA plan.

  • Employer Contribution Options:
    • 100% VEBA
    • 100% HSA
    • 50% VEBA/50% HSA

Unless a new designation is made all employer contributions will continue to be made to your current VEBA or HSA plan. If you do not plan to make any changes to your health insurance you do not need to complete any forms for health insurance.

FLEXIBLE SPENDING ACCOUNT – Please complete the attached form if you would like to contribute to a FLEX account for Medical or Dependent Care in 2020.

Please review the attached forms and submit any changes to Denise Nichols by November 12, 2019.

Flexible Spending Account Enrollment Form – The form must be completed if you would like to contribute to a flex account for Medical or Dependent care expenses

Event Postponed – Essential Oils Introduction

Thursday October 17th – 6:30 – Introduction to Essential Oils/Make and Take WELLNESS Roller Ball Wellness Activity has been postponed. 

This event will be rescheduled. Watch for future notices.

2019 Wellness – Essential Oils Introduction – Please RSVP Spouses Welcome!

Please RSVP to Dawn Aamot at or call her at the Windom Library  507-831-6131! 


Introduction to Essential Oils/Make and Take WELLNESS Roller Ball FREE – Spouses welcome!!

Council Chambers

Thursday October 17th – 6:30



2019 Additional Screening – Windom Area Health

REMINDER – Deadline for sign-up is October 14th.

The Wellness Committee has funds available to offer one -time additional screening/lab tests for 2019. These tests will be FREE to employees.

If you have NOT done the full screen (Lipid and Glucose) already in 2019 this is another opportunity to meet the requirements to qualify for the $500 Wellness Incentive.  We are also offering three additional tests for employees including Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH), Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA),  and Hemoglobin.  The PSA test is recommended for males age 50+ and the TSH is available to anyone who is interested. 

All tests will be at Windom Area Hospital on October 22nd and October 23rd. Employees will enter through ER doors.  A 12 hour fast is required for all tests.

Click HERE for sign-up times.  Please reserve your time by emailing or calling City Hall at 507-831-6129

Sign-up deadline is Monday October 14th


Note: If you choose to do the screening with your primary provider, please have Physician Screening Letter completed and return to Chelsie.

Please email with any questions.



Learn To Live – National Depression Screening Day

This October 10th is National Depression Screening Day, and in recognition Learn to Live would like to emphasize the importance of knowing where your mental well-being stands.  Learn about the importance of mental health screenings and next steps for you and your loved ones by joining the Know Your Numbers webinar presented by Learn to Live. To see available times and register, visit  


You can also immediately “Know Your Numbers” on your own mental health and well-being by completing the confidential comprehensive assessment provided by Learn to Live.  This assessment is free and available simply by going to and entering the code MHC.  You will get immediate and personalized results after completing the 10-minute assessment.  Know Your Numbers and choose the program that’s right for you.  (If you’ve already completed the comprehensive assessment, you can enroll in a program or continue in your current program to track your progress and Know Your Numbers as you go.) 


As a third-party service, we want to assure you that our member information is completely confidential and will not be shared with anyone at your employer.


If you have any questions, please reach out to our team at




The Learn to Live Team




2019 Wellness – PERA Educational Session – THIS WEEK


PERA Educational Session-Council Chamber

PERA City of Windom 10-9-19

Email Comments/Questions to: or ask a Wellness Committee member.

Committee: Cheryl Lillegaard, Dawn Aamot, Nancy Sajban, Dana Wallace, Drew Hage, Chelsie Carlson



Hy-Vee Free Event – November 2

Saturday, November 2, 8-noon: Free A1C diabetes screening tests done by Linda in the Hy-Vee Healthy You Mobile bus in the parking lot. First come, first served. There is no need to be fasting for this event.

Saturday, November 2, 10-1: Diabetes Awareness event in the store. Stop in and visit the booths set up around the store that will provide you with information on preventing diabetes or how to get better control of your diabetes.