The National Weather Service is still forecasting a crest of 23ft for West Des Moines Monday afternoon 3/25/19!

The City, with staff and public volunteers, filled approximately 11,000 sandbags on Thursday 3/21/19 and continues the effort on Friday 3/22/19.  The goal is to have 25,000 bags filled in preparation for the river crest.

Many students and public volunteers contributed on Thursday to make the day successful.  More help is still being requested  for Friday, preferably from 3PM-7PM.

Sandbagging will again be done outside the Windom Arena 

Volunteers are advised to wear gloves, closed-toe shoes and proper clothing. People should bring shovels, if possible.

Once the first 15,000 bags are filled for city-related infrastructure, residents will be able to pickup bags for their own properties. About 10,000 bags are available for the public to use.  If assistance is needed transporting an placing sandbags, please contact BARC.

Anyone with questions should contact city hall at 507-831-6129.